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segunda-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2011

do you see faces in objects?

If your answer was “yes” to the question in the title, that’s your problem, I don’t care. Ok, no, take easy, I was just kidding, let’s try again. If your answer was “yes” to the question in the title, you should know you are not alone on that, there is even some study about that. Can you see faces in these pictures?


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Oh my god, it is terrible!


what is that?!

I don't believe Kimberly did it!

These pictures come from the blog If you have nothing to do, check it out later. I mean, you don’t have to obey the orders of the guy from the internet you not even know and what not, but if you live this phenomenon in your life you certainly will have fun. They collect pictures since 2006, so there is a lot of pictures.

To you who is still here reading, recognizing faces in objects is a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia. And you know when you listen to some music that is not in english but you can kind identify some words as if it was english? This is also Pareidolia. So, now you know the name of your problem, go and get help hehehe.

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