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sexta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2011

About this "2010"

I was wondering if I really needed to come here to write one of those messages of New Year, say something about the last year and all that. I didn’t wanted to come here and be ashamed of myself with the stupid things I could write. But then I remembered that this conversation with the people who visit the blog is what gives a meaning to this. So I decided to stop being an idiot and here I’m to say something.

Well 2010 was a year of many surprises, was a much more complicated year than I thought it would be, after all the things I was through in the year before. However what is interesting is that at least half of the things that happened this year were really unexpected. Last year, at these time, I tried to write here something that could be useful to someone, things I learned from what I had seen, but without telling what were the things I had to live to come up to that “conclusions”. These year I will do different, I will lie! hahahaha.... Ok, no, let’s be serious.

Who follows the blog knows this year I had the opportunity to live in the land called Germany for almost 5 months and despite me saying it would not change the the blog, in the end I was not even able to write a post in each weak hehehe.

But do not fall into despair. I’m back and I believe that when we just live something we must be able to get a message from it, otherwise if you get no message, than was the point of that?. So, this year the message will come in parts, in “stories”. All that content of the things I saw and I promised to write here will come. And of course some other things which are not related to that.

For now, thanks a lot everyone for the support of always, for the comments, the jokes because I wrote too much once again, by the attention you all give to this blog. Special thanks to all that people that come here and don’t say something but have fun with the things I write and somehow can take something from that. To my friends, well I'm still disappearing time to time, but it doesn't mean I don't remember everyone and what the friendship we have means, I'm just always running, doing a billion things at the same time hehehe.

I wish you all a great 2011, full of meaningful moments to the stories you will live in this year that had just began. Happy New Year everyone and bye.