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domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010



My plan was watch this movie in the first day, but I watched just now and I know you are not here to learn about the details of my "amazing" life, you are here because you saw the title Inception, so, with no more small talk, let’s big talk about this movie which I really liked.

Before I start, as usual, if you haven’t watched this move, don’t worry. I won’t give a lot of information and ruin your experience if you decide to watch this movie later. I’m just going to talk what this movie is about and why I think you should watch it.

I really liked this movie, but I don’t think this is the kind of movie that everyone will like with the same intensity. It’s a type of story that may look too much confuse and even with not much propose, even if it talks about feelings and emotions that everyone knows.

Inception tells a story about a world with a technology that allows someone to get inside somebody else’s mind through their dreams. Inside the mind, is possible to steal secrets, ideas, or do the most hard thing of all: give the inspiration to one idea you want this person to have. This process of making someone came up with one idea that is not spontaneous, but a idea placed inside the head, is called Inception. So, we don’t need to be meditating in the top of a hill with monks to find out that the story will be around the tentative to place an idea in someone’s mind.

- Who knows, maybe there is a perverted following me with his hands in his pockets, looking up to don't attract atention?

The story explores the concept of feelings, of emotions, of subconscious, the creating of the world of a dream, traumas, dreams inside dreams and all that can exist in a world that is inside somebody’s head. Despite all that, you should not think this movie like a crazy LSD trip, which makes no sense, not at all. It is a modern action movie, with a very fast pace where things are happening all the time.

This movie comes by the hands of Christopher Nolan, the same mammal of cinematographic nature who allowed the existence of Memento, Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight. If you ever watched his movies you know that, except from the Batman movies, he usually works with complex stories and very often playing with chronology.

In Inception we have all the characteristics of this director, but the style, since is natural, seem to be more mature. Especially the fight scenes in the movie don’t seem to be shot by the same hands that shot the fighting scenes of the Batman movies.

I saw a few comments around the web about the script, saying it has holes and the things that doesn’t close together to the story, very fired up people, screaming, ripping off their clothes and slapping their nude butt cheeks in despair.

My opinion is that usually Mr. Nolan works with complex scripts and his movies always close together 100% everything makes sense. So, he is a person who has enough experience with this kind of story, but more than that, if we think about the “worlds” of story, worlds that are not truly real, because they are inside somebody’s head, this “holes” in the scripts are actually part of the story. In fact, my advice (if you really want to take advices from the dude from the internet who easily could be a 50 years old guy in his pants) is that you should let the story guide you. Don’t try to analyze everything.

This is not a story where things must make 100% sense, it’s a completely different story than The Prestige, or Memento. So, don’t me be a pain in the ass and let the story flow.

Maybe this movie was so interesting to me because I’m believe in love, emotions and all that and I have at least one dream every night. But if we look to the box office and all the comments about the movie all over the web, I think is not just me. I believe what makes this movie so interesting is how it delivers a story which offers answers (doesn’t matter if they are no real) to an experience that everyone know but anyone understands. What is that experience of a dream that we have when we sleep and what it tells about us?

To be in a dream and believe it was real is something that everyone have been through. If it sounds interesting to you, or if you just like a good action sci-fi movie, or if you are a crazy girl (or boy, is your choice, I don’t care) who loves Leonardo DiCaprio, you probably gonna like very much of Inception.