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sexta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2010

No, no, no, I'm not dead


Hello illustrious people who follow us, how are you all?

Today I’m here (as always) to say some shit while I’m saying something that is actually serious, but this time the story I will tell is a little unexpected and it may add a few things in the website which will be very interesting, depending of your personal opinion that is only your and of no one else (yes, it is).

I think I said before somewhere here that I also have a socially acceptable job that does not involves do little drawings, tell little stories, or say little things that usually make little sense. I also work in a certain Institute of research.

In a day like any other an opportunity to travel abroad for about 4 months and half to the far away land of Germay (also known as Doitischland). For some reason, that I don’t know either, this person (me) was pointed to the problem, I mean, to this opportunity,

And all that will be turned somehow into content to this lovely website. I’m megalomaniac, as you all already know.

I’m in Germany since 7th august, but only today I succeed in get internet. These last days I have been writing a lot about the things I seeing here, so as soon as read again all that to filter what is good and what is a “senseless piece of waste of time” (ow, nice word), it will be here.

About the regular updates, thou shall not worry. I have here with me all the things I need to keep working normally.

So, I’m not Michael Jackson, but this is it. Fasten your seatbelts, and come with me into this whatever thing it will be!