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quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Why the Old Games... #7

Hello everyone, how is your world?

Well, I have a lot of things to comment/explain. Firstly let’s go to what the people/aliens who visit us care the most.

I think the title explains already the main idea. It is not exactly a critic, in fact I think I wrote here once, I’m not a member of the Only Old Games Are Good Party (also known as OOGAG Party), the idea is more like give a contrast between the two periods. I know that even today some games still have the basic objective of “save the princess”, but today it s much more elaborated. I know as well about old games who had complex objectives, but even these games where less bold, existentialists, or whatever. Almost every games were more simplistic in its objectives.

Years ago the main public were children, today the main public are adults, that’s also why in the “some years ago” frame the player is a child and in the “years later” the player is a adult. Give complicated objectives to the main public of the past would be a problem, they would not connect or get the idea. I think that's why is not so surrinsing that more mature games apeared first in PC, because the public of PC was older.

Oh, and I think to someone who follows the videogame world of today is easy to notice that the two games I’m talking about in the “some years later” frames are GTA IV and Call of Duty – Black Ops. The texts are from their own press release just a little modified.

Talking now about other things, we finally have a new layout (Yeah, at last!). It is not completely done (hunf, I knew it…), I will add a few other things in the side bar, but everything will follow this idea of small windows of content with pictures to make everything easier to find. Wait and you will see.

And that’s all for now. I have been through very busy days, bringing job from my social acceptable job to home, but now things are a little more relaxed. More updates soon.