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quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

DriverEasy – another live savior

A few days ago I lost a lot time searching for drivers to a computer which had Linux, but now people wanted to use Windows in it. I searched, searched, searched, searched, searched, searched, searched x 10^10, but got nothing. I cursed the vender of the computer, I messed up my hair and made a small freak show in the floor in fetal position screaming “whyyyyyyyyy? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”……….. Then, I decided to try a software someone talked about in a forum and it worked amazingly well.

Who uses the internet for some time know that most of the times these programs are an big lie, made exclusively to contaminate your computer and steal data of credit cards, e-mails accounts and make you cry.

So, before try it, I got the name, “Driver Easy”, made a little research just to be sure the program was real. It was. The software worked perfectly, as you already know, since I already wrote it a few lines above.

Once it is installed, it does a scan to find all the drivers the computer need, then connects to their data base and all you have to do is click on “Download Driver” and “Install Driver”. There is a non free version of the software, but the only advantage I saw was the possibility to install all the driver with a single click instead of installing one by one, as I had to do with the free version.

this is the start screen of the program, just click in Scan Now and stop crying

So, if you are having problems to find drivers, but you could at least find the driver to the network adapter to connect the computer to the internet, this software will probably make your world a better place to be.

And, before I go, when I see something like this I can’t avoid thinking, how come Microsoft doesn’t have something like this inside of Windows? Hum? Hum? Hum? Hum? Hum?

Their website >