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terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

DADdy & SONny - #16 - ReLaTionShiPs

Hello once again, how are you all?

There is a lot of theories saying that everything a person does deep inside, deep down there inside, right there in the bottom of the deep of the inside of the inside deep, is based on an egocentric motivation. What moves a person to change the world is the desire to have a better world to herself, or help someone, or anything like that. In the webcomic, what makes someone feels like staying with somebody is just a need to shut up an inside voice that asks for another human/reptile/alien.

I not so sure if I agree with that theories, I mean, I don’t like to much of these mega overall and absolute standards about “how the mind of everyone works”. However, I do think that it may be right sometimes.

So, I’m not saying yes, either I’m saying no. It is all a speculation to make you visit the website, giving more attention to my work so I can rule the world in a near future and in exchange you get some little jokes and a bunch of explanations that are useless and make no sense. (hahahaha)

Anyway, I’m just kidding… or maybe not? Hehehe…

That’s all for now. Bye.