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segunda-feira, 10 de maio de 2010

Why the Old Games... #5

In this edition I was wondering what title would be most appropriated. One idea was “why the old games didn’t needed to be rated Mature”, but as you can see it would be a enormous huge gigantic title. The solution was to “simplify” the “problem” and then I called “innocence” this thing of “rated to people older than some years old”. Yeah, I like quotes.

Other curious curiosity (yes, yes, ok, ok) about this edition is that it was a double edition. I had two scripts with the same idea. I choose this one because it was better, but someday I will recycle the other one like no one ever knew where it came from.

Changing the subject, in this last days we are having less updates in the website and for those who follow me for a while, they must know what is the excuse I’m going to give. Yes, very busy, bla bla bla, something about life bla bla bla, some other thing bla bla.

Despite all this madness I’m organizing my schedule to focus the updates in what is more unique of, in what we have here that no other website has, the creations that comes from inside of my big head. I’m talking about short comics, some other comics projects and the pieces of stories. It’s all a big plan to make your time here, Mr. Visitor, a little more worth while.

Well, that’s all for now. Bye.