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domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Something Wrong in School

Do you think there is something wrong with the schools? So take a look at this video.

I agree with many things Mr. Robinson said in the video. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I think is very nice when someone with more “authority” comes and says something we had thought once. I think it works as some kind of confirmation that we are not so crazy after all hehehe

Can you imagine how many people have been trough the same situation of the ballet dancer when she was a child but their parents did something like “no more sugar and no more crazy cartoons to you!”?

I think people are very different in what they are born to do and sometimes we just understand or accept a talent we always had when are already old and we have been years trying to fit into some predetermined pattern socially acceptable who makes proudly momma, papa, the dog, the parrot, the lost alien and everyone else.

I really hope the way schools deal with people will change in the future, I have many ideas about it, but I will write about in other, not toady. Bye.