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quinta-feira, 15 de abril de 2010

Shutter Island

There are a lot of mystery-thrillers which try to hold our attention until de very last scene to give us a not expected mind blowing revelation explaining everything. It is always like that, in the end you find out the guy had multiple personalities, or a twin brother, or he is dead, or he is having a huge hallucination because he is dying, or not even he knows what’s going on.

Shutter Island is a psychological mystery-thriller of this kind, but the focus is not in exactly show you if things are crazy or not, you gonna realize very soon that something very strange is going on, especially if you saw a lot of movies like this. The objective here is play with your head to make you create a new theory about what is going on after every scene. In some sense we can say it is very similar to how the television series Lost tells a story.

The story is set in the 50’s when two U.S. marshals are going to a mental institution that is localized in an island to investigate the escape of a dangerous patient. Bla bla bla, as we may imagine things don’t end up all pretty and clear and bla bla bla great mistery to solve about the island, about these people and about what is going on. Bla bla bla Shutter Island, by Martin Scorsese, staring Leonardo DiCaprio, with Ben Kingsley bla bla.
Sorry, I just had a lot fun with the “bla bla bla” thing, I lost control… well, anyway… moving on…

Technically the film lives up to everything we expect from a director like Martin Scorsese. This movie is very well made, the camera framings and movements, the composition of the scenes and the way the acting is conducted. You know when someone is suspect by the way this one talks, looks and acts. This “talent do make a movie” is what calls more attention here, since the plot is not so original.

If you like mystery thrillers you gonna have a lot of fun with this movie. But, if you are a person who hates Lost, believe it is really boring when you never know what is going on need to discover it at every new scene and, finally, think that what you have to discover is not if it is all insanity but what kind of insanity is the correct one doesn’t seem fun to you, well, you ain’t gonna like this movie, even if you think Leonardo DiCaprio is the love of your life.