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sábado, 3 de abril de 2010

Nintendo 3DS

It’s been a while and maybe this is not news to you, but since my computer wasn’t working these days, just now I’m back and I wanna talk about it. Nintendo sent a press release to a select group of people of information (also known as journalists), giving a preview of what is going to be the successor of the Nintendo DS. Take a look at the video and then we continue.

Nice, nice, nice, pretty, curious, amazing and all that. The name is being called by now as Nintendo 3DS, because, as you saw in the video, it brings the magic of the 3D illusion. What is confirmed so far is that the system will be backwards compatible with all the Nintendo DS and DSi games, there is no need of special glasses to enjoy the 3D effect, it will be released until march 2011 in Japan and more details only at Nintendo pre-E3 conference this June.

The fantastic world of rumors, the responsible for this suddenly announce, Nintendo wanted to talk about it only at E3, tells that the new system will have a significative internal memory (I don’t know what it means), one analog stick (why not two?) and sensors of movement to the handheld itself and also to the stylus.

Of course it’s nice to know all that, but to me it only makes sense by side of a game that can sell this concept and shows how this new things can be used. And it we will have to wait until June to know.

We know today is possible to make a handheld system with the same graphical capacities of the Wii, we also know Mr. Miyamoto (the father of Mario, Zelda and many others, also one of the creative mind behind the company decisions) said already that he believes in the future the videogames will have their own screen, in fact the DS XL is a attempt to make the portable experience something that can be enjoyed by more than one person, and finally we also know Nintendo assumed the position to only launch something if that really represents a new step to what is being made.

I don’t think they will announce something like a portable Wii, but I also don’t think it will be just a little evolution like occurred between Nintendo DS and DSi, and to do that a 3D screen is not enough, there must be more. Speculations are fun, but now all we can do is wait.