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terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

Connecting Dots

I was going to write about a James Cameron’s speech he gave at the website TED in last February talking about who he is, about how science fiction books were a big influence in his life resulting in his movies and his love about underwater and will of innovation. He talked a little about how today he can make real science through his movies and documentaries, and a few other things. Basically, what he had to say was that we should give ourselves the right to fail and to go on, because fail is part of innovation. It was a nice speech.If you wanna watch it, click here.

However, last weekend we had the official launch of iPad. When it was announced I worte here that I wasn’t so sure about how well it would work, because of the lack of this and that, but now looking to the final thing, I believe we really are facing a new step of what we know about portable computer and how we understand the way paper can be used as media and everything it can do. All that without talking about possibilities of new programs or the fact it is a powerful game device.

I had that in mind and also a video I saw a few hours earlier where a few “teenagers-almost-not-any-more-teenagers” destroyed a iPad with a baseball bat. It made me think, why they were doing that, what was the propose of that. I don’t now if they were stupid, or if it was the reflex of a society because of bla bla bla, but I didn’t liked and it remained in my mind. Once Mr. Cameron’s speech was over, just for fun I typed in the search box of TED’s website “Steve Jobs” and that’s how I fond the video bellow.

Hope you like it. Have fun.