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terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

Why the Old Games... #4


Hello to all of you, how is everything?

Around here I have being very busy, that’s why we had less updates than the usual. But it’s all details, let’s go to what is important.

In this edition I wanted to compare a shooting game from early years with something from today. If it was a video and not a comic strip, I could put a counter in the corner counting how many things someone has to assimilate before play. I didn’t have to an ultra confuse control scheme, I just got a real one, it was good enough to show my idea.

To people who play videogames, the “complicated” controller may not sound so “complicated”, but if you think about someone who is not used to that, that’s a lot things to remember. And I’m not saying “oh poor stupid people that are too much dumb to play games”, no, the title of the strip is about “be friendly”, just that.

And finally, the phrase about “it’s so cool it is wireless”, I don’t if happens to you, but I hear it a lot. I think there are people that get’s more excited it than about the game, like “Oh my god, alien technology in front of me!”.

That’s all for now. Click on the adds and tell everyone about if you liked. Bye.