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quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

What makes a game fun? Could it be challenging the player with the right intensity to still keep it a challenge, but not something that would scare him away? Well, I think yes and New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Wii delivers that with perfection.

It’s all very simple, the princess was kidnapped again, you should save her, to do so just run left to right, sometimes down to up, to travel the path to where she is. Jump and step in the head of your enemies, cast fire and ice over them, swallow them with your dinosaur and do all that, if you feel like, in the company of someone you like.

Is everything very simple, right?

It’s a simple propose of game, that does not demand a lot, in fact if seems too much easy and plain. “Is that all? Just jump and walk? Ok, I can do it!”. It’s not a proposition about creating your own character and your own story, configuring your appearance and status to walk through dialog trees and moral dilemmas in an adventure that doesn’t tell you exactly what to do. Turn on the game, play, have fun, beat my challenge, I’m challenging you! It is just that.

The game itself has a charismatic and original universe build up to be fresh even to someone who played all the previous Mario’s games. It’s pretty, has its own personality and the gameplay works. You will never feel you died because the game was cheating on you, no, you died because you tried to get that stupid giant yellow coin, you wanted to have all the three, and doesn’t matter if the game didn’t asked you for this. Admit it!

The multiplayer adds a lot to this “risky your life for the shinning giant coin” thing. In this mode if you die, but the other people playing remain alive, the game goes on and you simply reappear inside a bubble seconds later, then some player pops you out and there you are again, ready to die once more. Who needs realism? hahaha.

The bubble also helps when the challenge of jumping in platforms and pipes, going left to right, shows itself a little harder. Let’s say you are good enough to pass through one particular stage, however the person playing with you is not, ok? No problem, the person press the A button, turning into the bubble, you pass through the stage or a specific place in some stage, then release the person, thus you can continue your fantastic journey without losing hair, friends or your girlfriend : D

At this point you already noticed how “friendly” the game is in its challenge, I mean, things are hard, this is not a easy game at all, but we are all among friends, like “hello, I’m a game, and I’m your friend” and this is also real when you are playing single player and has no bubble tricks to help you. This is the first Nintendo game to use the “Super Guide”. If you die eight times in a row in the same stage, before you get pissed off, cursing the game, the world and everything else, maybe hating the game so much that you would not even come back to play again, the “Super Guide” jump in to act. You will find a green block in the stage, hit it with your Italian head and the game will ask you if you want Luigi to pass that stage to you. You can reclaim control any time pressing the + button. If your problem is just a specific place in some stage, you turn it on, it does its magic, you turn it off, and keep going with your life like it never happened. If you prefer, there is a vídeo showing the Super Guide right here.

I said already in a very briefly way, but it’s important to say in a not briefly way (?!) that this game is not easy. All the friendly solutions, like the “Super Guide”, or the magic bubble from beyond, it is all just an excuse to make the challenges in the game deeper, but keeping it accessible to everyone. The final package brings a game which can really be appreciated by everyone and it’s also a true new version of the Super Mario Bros games (it’s not only a title, after all, hum? Hahaha).

It’s amazing how many new elements could be created going back to this 2D game mechanic with Mario. By the way, the New Super Mario Bros to the Nintendo DS, that despite the same name is another game, also had this 2D mechanic and is also a very good game. However, the DS version is easier and doesn’t bring the same feel of one step further and a satisfaction caused by being surprised by the game, that the Wii version brings.

If you are a gamer from the old times, if you are a gamer from not so old times, or if you are a casual player, this game is fun to all, done with a high level of talent. An online mode next time? More characters? More itens? I don’t know what is coming next, but here is Nintendo showing again is possible to create a game that can be fun to everyone.