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sábado, 6 de março de 2010

Mom, I'm talking to strangers

Imagine you don’t have nothing to do and loves that thing about interacting with people learning their lives and culture, or maybe you just feel like having a no objective chat.

You can be a crazy person and add as friends people you don’t know in your favorite social network this way trying to initiate the exchange of stories, culture and (why not?) expectations. However, I’m the one in charge here of what we are imaging, so imagine you are tired to play these game by these insane and nonsense rules of this world. No. No more. You want now fate, the destiny, to solve your problem. To that I present you Omegle.

The way it works is very simple. You go to their website and click in the button “start a chat” and presto! Somewhere in the world somebody did the same thing and that’s when destiny (or the codes behind the website) show up. A chat room is open with you, symbolized by the nickname “You” (brilliant choice of nickname, no?) and some randomly selected person, symbolized by the nickname “Strager” (uh, so mysterious…). Then is just about talking.

Since this is a website with people from all around the world and you don’t know with whom you are talking to, don’t mind if your first chat starts with “Hi! Are you a girl?”. So, if you don’t like it all, please don’t blame me, blame destiny. Nobody said you had to put your life in its hands hahaha