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domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

Sonic the hedgehog 4 - trailer

If you don’t follow news from the world of videogames maybe you don’t know that in last February 4th, a nice and elegant Thursday, SEGA presented to the world a unexpected and also long time expected (?!) trailer: Sonic the Hedgehog 4. Didn’t you see? Take a look:

The trailer doesn’t show much, it’s only to say something like “hello everyone, he are here and this thing is going to be great”. Last Sonic games didn’t had good reception by specialized media and despite it made some money, I was very far from what the franchise that used to be the direct rival of Mario games.

The reason to these problems were innumerous, but to simplify everything, let’s say SEGA, for some mysterious reason, didn’t wanted to create a Sonic game that was only Sonic, running around, catching rings, killing some enemies, destroying the evil plans of Egg man and saving the day. No, no. SEGA wanted to include one billion of secondary characters, nonsense plots (include here Sonic werewolf) and many elements of other game genres in what supposed to be just a fast, solid and fun platform game, just like Sonic games used to be.

A lot of people from specialized media said how great would be a Sonic game that was just Sonic, being Sonic, in the world of Sonic, just using the possibilities of today. As amazing as it may sound, SEGA didn’t it and now we have this Sonic 4, with 2D gameplay and pretty graphics just like what was done in New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

I think Sonic franchise works in 3D, I mean all the parts in the games SEGA launched where you were just running like mad man, just being sonic, almost believing it was finally that the game you were expecting, not worrying about transform into a were wolf, or run to catch some stupid white ball, or solving that, or talking with the man of the village who was there to stop your run, or everything else, just run in 3D was fun. In fact, I believe it would be much more exciting a 3D Sonic where Sonic is Sonic, in the world of Sonic, being Sonic. However, SEGA doesn’t care for what I think and decided to bet in the 2D, after all it’s cheaper, lot’s of people from media already wrote about “how wonderful a 2D Sonic would be” and bla bla bla. We must also remember that Nintendo is making a lot of money with the New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

And now, considering all that, is it really possible to that SEGA will make a game with what takes to give us what we are waiting for and also surprise us with something original and unique? I really have my doubts if we are not going to see a generic adventure, pretty, fast, in 2D, with an expensive price per episode, but not something that will make what New Super Mario Brothers Wii did. But that’s just doubts. Deep inside what I want is a good Sonic game that could give them some courage to make a Sonic that will be Sonic, in the world of Sonic, in a game were you just have to reach the end of the stage, fast, happy and in 3D.