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terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2010

Myth of the Cave


This short comic tells in a very simplistic way one of those famous philosophical examples that are much more deep and heavy than they seems to be. I really liked (that’s why it’s here after all, isn’t it?). I translated myself, from the original who belongs to Maurício de Souza, all rights to him, I just want to show his work. Look how special I’m.

Ok, but now let’s go to what we are here for, why the h*ll this story is special? (watch you mouth, kiddo!)

Well, it talks about people who lives their lives believing that they are knowing it at most, understanding and enjoying at most, without noticing that what they live is a simplified and limited version of things.

In general terms it is a symbolic tale about alienation, about a group of people who lives alienated to what life really is and how they defend their point of view finding ridiculous other people saying their reality is only made of “shadows”.

We live in a society and in some sense, even if we don’t want, we are attached to some values and concepts. Inside this society, there are people who can see the things that everyone sees, but differently. According to the tale, these people are the ones who managed to escape from the cave and then meet the life in a way they never imagine they could.

I believe everyone understands that there are people who thinks and see things in different ways. This tale is in fact more relevant to these people who sees things differently and try to show to the others how the idea they had about what is possible, impossible, right or wrong, about anything, is a incomplete idea. The tale talks about how hard it is to open people’s eyes to life.

The short comic also shows the reaction they usually have when they hear these truths, how they may become aggressive to defend a point of view. People don’t like this story of questioning the values in which they trusted until today to take their decisions in life. Even more when these values appear to be wrong.

Other side of this “complicated whatever” the short comic also shows, is how this knowledge, how this vision about how things can be, is a “strong light that causes blindness”. There are people who are different, there different characters in a society and there is a right way of bringing people who want and can to the “light of knowledge”.

One last thing I wanna say, and that’s my own analysis (it means it is not in Wikipedia), if the cave represents our society and the people who doesn’t know they are only looking to shadows are grounded there, but the people who knows about the truth of life are free, why they don’t get their stuff and leave to never come back? Why they need to go to the cave to expose their crazy ideas and everything?

I believe one side complements the other. Those who are free come back not only to visit friend and try to convince them about something. They come back because the cave has no food, has not the food that feed a human being. In other words, these people with a different perception of things are the ones who get out of the cave, learn about the truth of live, and then return to the society. A group of people locked in a illusion inside of a cave, never going out, never looking to the side, would die if left alone. Society would die if tries to live only of shadows, without the food that these different people brings, only the world outside of the cave has food. And this food is give in the form of stories, movies, books, paintings, music, elaborated cooking and many more.

So, I think I said to much already hahaha. Just only to register, the author of this symbolic tale is Plato. The original is in fact a little different than the version in the short comic and in mine interpretation.

That’s all for now, illustrious people, hope it was worth your time hahaha. In case it didn’t, send me an e-mail calling me names and curses.