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terça-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2010

Muscle March

If you show something different people you will get different reactions, since everyone has its own values, concepts of what is or is not funny and everything else. Muscle March is a game with a typical Japanese sense of humor and even if it is simples and not much especial, it’s good to see these kind of things appearing around here. Do you know why?

Well, just because I’m the one in charge around here, I will answer it later, now I want to talk a little about this game.

Please, (look, I’m being polished) imagine that you are a stereotype of a mega strong man of some country in a thong living happily with your also stereotypes of mega strong men of other countries, which includes a polar bear. And then, one day, a crazy dude show up at gym of yours and steal everyone’s tub of protein, leaving running in escape!

Facing such dilemma, you do what any mega strong man wearing a thong would do, you run chasing the terrible villain to get back your marvelous object. Do you understand now why I said “please” when I asked to you imagine, right? Well, yeah.

And that’s when the game mechanics show up. The thief, who is also a mega strong man (off course), run breaking walls as he passes by. You have to pass through by these walls matching the exact pose he did, to fit the hole he left, keeping up the pursuit. The game runs to you, matching the pose but moving the Wiimote and the Nunchuck is your only concern. You just have to worry about running when you are already very close to the thief, you got to shake the Wiimote like crazy to give the final steps, stopping forever the nefarious opponent.

This is a WiiWare game, costs 500 Nintendo Points (5 dollars), so it is not a surprise this game is short. There are 9 stages to chase 7 terrible robbers accompanied by a soundtrack that even if isn’t much rich still holds the feel of the game. It is not a surprise to find out this game was originally conceived as a Japanese arcade game.

The big point here is that if you don’t play this game you will lose nothing. Yes, it’s fun, it’s ok, but it is not at all something you must play. Now, answering the question I asked there at the beginning, a typical Japanese game reaching the entire world is very good because it may show some kind of change in the way of thinking of the game companies. It also shows how today’s different tools and possibilities to game designers brings more possibilities. In other words, it’s a WiiWare game, which means it’s low cost and low risky, what gives much more creative freedom. Besides, who follows the Japanese game market knows that many games still remain there because of this mentality of some businessmen. Initiatives like this, may open doors.

To conclude I think with this game universe, sense of humor and this charismatic characters, a much better game could be done. We not even need to go very far, something like the old Final Fights would be amazing. Don’t you think?