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segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Today I’m a little more megalomaniac than the usual, because I will talk about a music website that is one of my innumerous projects created with the intention of rule the world (or something like that).

The idea is in the name: .

If you thought “But, tell me, oh mister designer of plans to rule world, what makes it special?” I will answer, the music which will be indicated.

They are not necessarily soundtracks of some movie, TV show, or something that is repeated a billion times in MTV or in the radio. The intention os to show good music, with potential, with a message, with strength, with something beyond that can be used to find your next favorite band, or know what is a success in a country like South Korea, or even hear a different musical conception.

A very important detail is that the posts are only numbers, they don’t say the name of the music. What we want with this bold, brave and beautiful strategy is to make people hear to a song without knowing what will play. No early judgments, no pre conceptions, just the will to hear some good music. We don’t expect to please everybody with all the songs we gonna indicate, just the fact of people be stopping by to know what is he music of the day without any fear, is very , very nice.

And that’s all. Please visit.