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domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2010

2 different Flash games

There are a billion small flash games all around the world that only requires a not so slow internet connection and 5 minutes of your time to make you a little happier. I’m here to give two somewhat different suggestions.

The first game is almost like a shot-movie. It only need to be recorded to make millions. The game is called “Every Day the Same Dream” and this name pretty much explains how it works. You wake up and live one day in the life of the character, but it’s only that, there are many options of things you can do (or not do) and these options will change something in the day’s routine. The best way to understand it is playing. Click here or in the image to play.

The second game is a little more different, bold and some would say “wtf!” than the first one. It’s called “Today I die”. The game is based in changing a sentence that controls the behavior of the game dragging some words, moving some words and doing a specific action for a specific amount of time. As you unlock new words, the behavior of the characters and the environment change, unlocking more words, then everything goes, and goes, and goes until a decide the best thing you do to understand is playing it hehehe. Click here to play or click in the image.

I fond these two games in the 2010’s free games list from They make it every year since 2006. If you want to check out this year list or the lists from previous years click here and have fun.