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domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

The SixthSene of Pranav Mistry

I don’t know how you ended up here, but whatever was the mean, how are you today? Welcome! Ok, now that I have been polite and used socially accepted forms of human interation, I will begin to give you orders (hahahaha). Stop whatever you are doing and watch the video bellow.

It even has subtitles options if you need. Watch it. Now.

It was amazing, no?

I believe the way our schools teach us and the models that most companies adopt to operate, are very often the greatest limitations to make creative and simple ideas such as this one to came up. Or maybe not? I will right about that later.

As a interesting fact, if you are a bit lazy today to Google about our friend Pranav Mistry, this entire little device which he cares in his neck needed 350 dollars to be assembled.