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terça-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2010

School of Rock

Make a movie about rock and about the will of living of music is not easy, even more when it is a comedy with children. School of Rock, within its proposal, succeeds to be true with this feeling about music and the music itself.

The plot is about a man over 30 years old who still didn’t give up of his dream of became a rock star. Because of money, in a beautiful day he is pushed to pretend he is a substitute teacher in a very traditional school where he discovers that the class which he is responsible has students with great music skills.

Then he decide to turn the class into a band of rock, playing music instead of teaching with the objective to compete in a band contest against his former band from which he was not nicely kicked out. Yeah, it’s all about revenge in the end, like almost every story hehehe.

It is a movie for children, so you know how it will end. You know that they will find out he is not a real teacher, you know they will play amazingly good and it will make you cry before its beauty and everything. This is not a script with plot twits, it is a script about the changing of behavior that music can cause into someone and how important music can be to people’s life. Pay attention to the principal, the way she changes when she is listening to the music she likes, as an less obvious example. The way the story is conducted by our friend Richard Linklater (the director, famous for directing that movie Before Sunrise), portrays and punctuates moments that make sense to someone who likes music or already had a band at the same time it will be enjoyable to a person who looks to a horn and say “uh, nice guitar!”.

The routine of a band, of compose a song with a group of people and the feeling involved when the lyrics are written, or even the understanding of what is music, like in the scene he gives as home work to the students CDs of famous rock bands, or when he talks about “facing the man” and all that, it is all made with simplicity, not creating something to much deep, but deep enough to be true and fun to anyone.

If you never saw this movie and ever wanted to live of music, or if you just like music click down there and buy the disc. If you just want a comedy that is not only corporal and fart jokes, watch it as well. But, if you hate Jack Black and think that music is the most stupid thing that man ever invented in this planet, about Jack Black I can understand, but about music, man, I hate you.

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