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sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

iPad, opinions and Hitler (?!)

This week, under great expectations the world met the famous Apple’s project that supposed to be revolutionary, their answer to the netbooks and much more.

The video does a humoristic and great analysis of the device. Check it out.

I think there is a potential in the iPad, however I believe it was presented and idealized in a wrong way. A touch sensitive device, with possibilities of gaming, internet access, multimedia files, digital books and everything else packed with a great design. The problem is that the things missing can really make we think twice if it worth the investment.

Apple will probably make a few of those videos with a lot of white explaining more about the device and it will probably change everyone’s mind. As they always do.

But if anything works, very soon they will probably announce the iPad second generation and who knows it will have all that is missing and then Mr. Jobs will not look like a crazy man trying to sell a giant iTouch com less functions and a optional 3G connection.

- A beauty of a device