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sábado, 9 de janeiro de 2010

Grooveshark - Music Website

What this Grooveshark has that makes it so incredibly, beautiful and amazingly charming especial? Well, it is a web site where you can listen to music online by streaming, which means, no download. So far, nothing special, just another one, right? However, the difference is that the users are responsible for the music library by uploading the files. In other words, you searched, couldn’t find the music, but you have the music in your computer, you can upload it to the website and now their library has the song. And if it wasn’t good enough, it is all according to law, with deals with record companies and everything. Great, isn’t it?

You can search an artist, music or even an album. It’s possible than to share it, or even a playlist with a direct link. The website also has all that social networking thing of friends request and the possibility to make your profile with a weird picture that doesn’t look like yourself.

I think this is a great tool to that situations when you heard about a band that you never listen before. Easily you just got to their website, search, and it’s done, you can listen to the music. Fast, easy and not even gives head ache.

And no more talk, click here to listen to Mister Spock (yes, from Star Trek) singing “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” (yes, from Lord of the Rings).