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quinta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2010

we could be 1500 years in the future?

Try to imagine the following, some archeologists find in one expedition around the blue ball called world one object they believe to be just a block made of stone with weird drawings. Years later, by chance, people discover that the stone can be opened and inside of it has a ultra advanced computer with holographic images talking about a human civilization who lived in earth and was destroyed in a civil nuclear war. According to the mysterious block, we are descendants of them, our cave man came up of what was left of the world when their war was over.

Yeah, I know, is crazy dude talk. However there is no evidence to prove this crazy theory wrong. We don’t have a time machine to go back to the past and find out if there was a civilization or not. The only way we have to try to prove this theory would be find some artifact of the past and then find out it has some kind of unexpected technology. And look well, well, well, it, in fact, happened!

In 1900 was found that object in the top of this text and recently was discovered that this object is in fact some kind of calculator, a primitive analog computer, capable to indicate the position o some planets and stars in the sky.

It was built around 150 B.C. and the complexity of technology it has was only seen again 1500 years later.

This discover is not a proof that our society came from a society that destroyed itself in some kind of nuclear civil war. But if definitely proves that we have lost technological advances in the history of human kind because of the fall of a society, in this case the Romans from Antikythera

Of course that’s not how technology works, but can you imagine what could be real today if out technology was 1500 years in the future? Where we would be if that knowledge was not lost at that time?

The December 2009 edition of the Scientific American has a full story about all this, you can read it here. They also have 2 vídeos, the first one is bellow and the second one is here.