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sábado, 19 de dezembro de 2009


A few days ago, I started to play the so well spoken Nintendo DS game Scribblenauts. Now, I can join the crowd to say that this game deserves all the attention received.

Before I start, my idea here is try do make something a little different of a normal review. I will right 3 times. The first one right now when I just started to play the game and everything is pretty and new. Then, when I reach something like the half of the game, I will right again, giving more impressions. Finally when the game is over, I will right some kind of conclusion. Putting all this 3 posts together do we get captain planet? No, we get what I believe can be something better than a review and we don’t have to read the 3 posts do understand something. Anyway, is a bold idea, I hope it works. Scribblenauts, shall we?

It was the great sensation at E3 this year, wining even the prize of “game of the event” in many specialized websites, something completely new to a portable game. Since then, this game had a lot of talk, a lot of discussions, posts and letters of love written probably with red paint. So, right now, after all, what this game has that makes it so especial? Its main concept.

The objective is to solve a specific situation which can be “reunite the girl and his cat that is in the roof” or “protect this sandwich from the rage of the ants”. To solve these dilemmas, you can summon any object that your insane mind believes would solve the case. Let’s give an example, if you had to catch an apple that is on top of a tree you could write “stairs”, the stair would pop up, you climb, get what you need and that’s the end.

The game, however, likes crazy ideas and rewards you if you fix problems with unusual ways of thinking. Taking again the example of the apple on the top of a tree, you could summon a helicopter and fly to get the desired fruit, or you could summon a lumberjack to cut off the tree to you. It all depends of your ideas. More crazy, more points.

One thing that I especially liked is the way the game reacts depending of what you summon. Taking again the example of the apple and the tree, if you call a dragon to destroy the tree to you, leaving only the apple behind, it could happen, but once the tree is destroyed, maybe the dragon would kill you, because as we know a dragon is not famous for being a nice guy, is it? Other example is that you could use a flamethrower to burn down the tree. The problem will be that if you set the tree on fire, once it is lit, it will also burn the apple, failing the mission. Anyway, there are a billion of possibilities.

I’m really enjoining this game and I would say this is game that anyone would have fun playing it, especially because of the fun that is to solve the puzzles with crazy ideas.

If all my written wasn’t good enough to give you a clear picture of what is this game, there is a video bellow.

And that is all for now. Bye.