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sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009

Pieces of Stories: Because of a question

I just asked how much time it would take to people forget about him. They really didn’t liked, giving me a “fuck off” face and walking away. It is ok, I don’t blame them, it wasn’t a good question to do at that time, after all it was his funeral. It was just one of those things that go through our minds, but nobody says. Sometimes, it slips out. This man died and lived this life, you know? I don’t know why, but we learn as we grow that this kind of question is childish. I like how good children can be to ask questions.

I didn’t knew him very well, he worked in the same place that I do, but I was new at the company. I can see the sadness of his dead, but since we wasn’t friends, it is to me much more one of those funerals to think than to cry.

This place is full, I couldn’t imagine he knew so much people. Yeah, ok, he wasn’t a young lad, I heard he already had 2 great-grandson and a big family. To them, this whole thing must be even sadder considering the second coffin. His wife’s coffin.

How it happened? Well, he worked a lot his entire life, gave education to his children, bought gifts and all that shit about a father of a family that society try to teach us. This man used to follow so much the idea of take care of the others that the things he liked and wanted were not a priority.

This old man always wanted to visit the capital. Why the capital? He was patriotic, remembered the name of old presidents that nobody knows and how things were at other times whose we know only by black and with pictures. He said the capital was a symbol, a place with a meaning, but also a pretty city.

He never made it. Firstly it was because of work, than he had to pay that, buy this, fix the car, a new fridge, the surgery and many other things. “Despite my age, I want to see the capital before I complete 80 years” I heard he saying one day.

No one could say he wasn’t able to drive to the capital or even to Never Land if he wanted. He was an example of older people much more alive and smart than younger depressive people only able to complain, sleep and whining on the internet. Now that his children were adults, and he was almost 80 years old, that was the time to go.

His wife who shared his love for the capital was excited just like he was on the morning of the second day of that holyday, when they left.

I think a lot of shit about driving when I remember that even if you made everything right, your safety is not assured, because there are other people driving and we don’t know if they will do the same. If it wasn’t enough, we, people of the human species, are not made to move on that speed, any wink of the fate and all we can do is close our eyes. Or maybe not. I don’t know.

A car coming in the other lane had a driver who believed traffic laws were just a magic tale created to make him lose his time.

The brakes. A scream. A wink of the fate.

The two cars collided.

He was the first one to day, his injuries were more serious, because in the last second he turned the car to protect his wife, just like every true man that truly loves his girl would do. Even more in his case, since he was a person ready to sacrifice himself to save the people he loved, like I already said.

She woke up. She saw her sons there in the hospital carrying exactly that expression in their eyes that she needed to know what had happened to her husband. She closed her eye to never wake up again. Doctors said it was normal, especially for couples together for a long time because they loved each other and not because they are stuck in some kind of mistake that they don’t have courage to fix.

It makes me think about a lot of things. It is not in everyday that the world loses a person that wasn’t just another stupid member of the cattle, someone who actually did something with the time of live received. A true story, written with meaning words until the last second.

What also makes me think is the picture of a person that really lived all that things about how you should live your life, but we forget in the way because of all the examples crossing our ways showing that everything is a lie, an illusion. Suddenly we meet ourselves believing that there is no such thing as true, happy and everlasting love, that is not possible to get old without stop living, that is not possible to find something that we like so much to do that we would do it until a few days before we die.

Each person has its way to be happy, but I don’t know, sometimes, I got the feeling that true people in these days are just a legend. And these two people were true. I think life is ironic, but it has sense of humor.

People are still staring at me with that you-stupid-mother-fucker face. I shouldn’t have asked any shit. They just don’t notice. You bunch of stupid. It is enough to me, I’m out of here.