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terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2009

Avatar - my letter to Mr. Cameron

As you all know I like crazy ideas, so, instead of a review, what about a letter to James Cameron to talk about Avatar? Yeah, that’s what I did.

"Hi there Mr. Cameron, how is everything?

Around here things are in that usual rush, I think you know how it is. I’m not at your level, so I still can make every crazy idea that I have. Someday I will get there.

I’m writing to talk about your more recent movie Avatar. In fact, what good luck you had with this name, I mean, right now they are working on the movie adaptation of that cartoon which has the same name, no? hehehe But I guess it is okay, bold projects that need many years to work always find setbacks of fate trying to make we think again, or give up, or whatever. I’m sure this little issue about the name was much more a joke than a real problem if we compare to all the problems you probably had to make this movie.

- What do you mean you don't like Zelda...?

Going straight to the point, I really like your movies, the only one I still didn’t see was that one about flying piranhas, I promises someday I will. Realy. However, despite that, with Avatar I don’t know what happened, I’m not saying I didn’t liked, but didn’t I left the theater with the feeling I use to have after a movie of yours. I will tell you how it was.

When the movie started I was like glued in the chair, watching all that, the 3D, the presentation of the world, getting into the feel of the universe. I liked that about where and how that guy came, his arrival at Pandora and everything. It was fun, was exciting, he getting the avatar, fighting that animals, reaching the Na’vi tribe. Then, at that part where he starts to learn the ways of the tribe, the movie started to be tiring. Yeah, I’m sorry to speak it like that without half words, but it really started to make me tired.

I just felt myself connected to the story again when the huge tree fell, however that was a different kid of connection, a connection that we make because what we see is something big being destroyed and no anymore a connection made because of the story and the fate of the characters. Even so, I thought the movie had a change of rhythm and visual feel.

- Sir, why don't we attack later?

Speaking about the visual feel, before I continue, man, huge congratulations for the visual identity of this movie. That world, those plants, the space ship, all the details in the body of the animals creating a fauna that talks among itself, like it had a logic of evolution and everything, it was all amazing. Really amazing. It is a very much alive world, a believable world. The mythology created is also very creative, that thing of the connections, the mother spirit and everything else. Anyway, even to someone who already played Final Fantasy VII, all the concept that serves as a base to the universe where the story is held is very nice.

Moving on, despite the change of rhythm and feel, the connection was just made again in the final sequence, which is indeed very well made, very nice and everything, but once again I’m sorry about my maners, that is not the most exciting sequence of the last years. The technical execution is perfect, but as scene to scene, it is just good. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this as someone requiring of you like “damn, you are James Cameron, every fart you give should be a revolution in movies!”, no, I’m giving a point of view based in how much fun it was to watch, how much that got me, how much entertained me. Still considering this last sequence, the fight between Jake and the robot on the ground, it alone, was better than the entire sequence.

I believe you heard many comments about the CG and this evolution you wanted to make with this movie. I’m a little wary with this kind of thing because I can’t forget the day I watched Matrix Reloaded and that scene when Neo fights a bunch of agents Smith in that basketball court, do you remember? In the theater it was super wow, but later when I watched it in home, it’s very clear when everything became a CG world. I don’t think it will happen with Avatar, firstly because I know how perfectionist you are and how much you expected to make this movie the way you wanted and how the CG was important, secondly because we can see in the facial expressions of the characters, in they move and in the way they interact with the environment, there was really an evolution.

Overall, man, I think this movie impresses me because of the world you created. It is a very rich world, I don’t think it is so big as the universe of Star Wars, but definitely, is a mythology sob big as another one that is your in fact, The Terminator.


I believe that a ultra real world, gorgeous, with charismatic characters and everything, are all important elements to build up a great movie. However, what makes a movie is the connection it creates with the people that is watching, the way we, as audience, are taken through the story, how we start to care about the fate of the characters, making us sad with their failures and happy with their achievements. This year we had that J.J. Abrams movie, Star Trek, which is a good example of a silly story that makes no sense, but the way the movie is conducted make it a lot fun in a way we just don’t care if things make sense or not. I think my biggest problem with this movie was the way the story was told.

Well, man, I think that is all, I know how busy you are. I just want to make it clear that the movie is not bad, it is technically perfect, but as cinema, I felt It lacked something that could make me care with the Na’vi, or believe in that love of that two with their “I see you, you see me” and all the other things.

Keep working, you create unique and truly amazing things, but, please, do not forget that these things you create are not only universes, they are movies, after all, you are a filmmaker.

A hug from a big fan of yours. I see you some other day, bye. "

- So, what you think, doc?
- This little dude is all full of ideas, he probably wasn’t breastfed
- I liked
- I’m glad he didn’t review Fast and Furious