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sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2009


This movie is not new, is out for a while, it’s already on DVD, but that’s the way things are, there is always something good that we lose on the way and just later we find out about that. Just like anything in life.

If you also lost this movie, it is about a robot which lives cleaning the planet Earth that became so polluted, so dirty, that the humans had left to space to go back only when Earth became clean again. Over the years this little robot develop a personality and a curiosity. And there he was, doing his job and collecting things he found interesting. One day, coming from the sky, a female white robot captures our friend attention and now everything will change to him, to the planet and to the human kind (wow, great speech, no?).

The first thing that came right away through my mind is “What f*ck of story is that?”, I mean, this is original, is really not something I already saw many times in many forms. In these days where cinema is based in formulas, remakes of remakes, Pixar is one of the few places where new ideas can see the light of the sky and also be a commercial success. This is a original movie, but a really good original movie, it is not of those cult shit that just because they are “a little different” they think they have a excuse to became a kick in the balls, one of that movies that when you see the final credits you go like “yeah, nice”, but deep inside your heart you know you really don’t want to see that thing again.

There are many things I liked in this movie, the design of the characters, of the world and even of the technologic stuff. I also liked the “voice” of the robots, I mean they don’t speak, they only say a few words. More than half of the movie doesn’t have dialogs, and I really liked this, because we have a billion movies with people getting together and creating a connection that doesn’t seem true. In WALL-E we have two robots, almost no dialogs, but the connection between these two characters is true, and is also true the connection that we created with them during the movie. I don’t want to spoil the story, so I will just say that this movie has more then just the connection of these two robots.

If you are a Pixar fan and didn’t watched this movie yet, just do it, buy the DVD, do something, I don’t know, you won’t regret. If you have no idea what is “Pixar”, doesn’t matter who you are, unless you are a person that only likes movies like Rambo, you gonna enjoy this movie. If I’m wrong write me a e-mail telling me how stupid I’m.