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terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009

Suga Shikao

It’s an original result of a mix of different music styles creating something that is different, true and strong.

Suga Shikao is a Japanese crazy man who was born in Tokyo in the distant day of 28 of July of 1966. Before he achieve his dream of live as a crazy man (meaning, living as a musician) he went to college, graduated in the area of advertising and was a normal dude in a subway going back home thinking about life. At 1995 he launched a mini album through an indie label, but was only because of the music he composed to other artists that he became to be known, what gave him a contract with a bigger record company and then success. His music also gained popularity as theme songs and soundtracks of animes. Yeah, it is always important to have friends and connections to someone who has talent and wants to create something original.

How does it sound?
If you like music leaded by the beat, where the bass is really used to carry the song with the drums, followed by a “slight hoarse blues voice” and all the other instruments playing around in parallel, you gonna like his music. The musical style is a mix of rock, pop, folk, blues, jazz and disco. Because it is a mix of genres and not a walk around them all here and there, it creates a very particular sound that is very recognizable. The problem in being a particular recognizable style of music is that the songs can sound very similar between them and because the voice is so important in the composition of the melody, if you don’t like his voice you will not like his music.

Before you think too much, just go and listen. That’s always the best way to know music.