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domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

Explaining the "New Layout"

Hello everyone, with great pleasure here I’m to talk about this infamous and already on the air “open quotes” New Layout “close quotes”.

First of all, to everyone who believed this new layout would be a huge magnificent revolution, something so madly incredible to make before its magnanimous presence mysterious facts to happen, it may have ended being a fucking disappointment.

The visual change is not so big, in fact take all the time it took to create “only this” may give the impression it was all a big filth lie so then I could not work for a week (hahaha). However, the truth is that this new layout has it’s secrets beneath what is not visible, it is in the inner works of the site and mostly in the concept of what is there.

About the inner works of the website, letting what is bigger to later, I have rearranged things to make easier my job in the future. It will make easier to me to expand more and more the website content until I became a millionaire.

Now, about the concept that was introduced with this new layout which is the big thing in this “new layout”, the main idea was to make people lives easier, making it easier to find what someone wants to find. Some people like when I talk about videogames, other people just like the short stories. There in the list of the last updates, on the right side we have the “tags” of the last updates. This way if you live movies, you can see where is the movies tag, or videogames, or whatever. You can also click directly in the tag to go directly to all the posts of that tag. The main idea is that now you not even have to look to the updates that you don’t care.

And that is all? No, the new layout is here, so great, so nice, so “uhu”, but it is a work in progress job. Other things will change in the next days, little by little and these new changes are part of all these new concepts of this new layout. Now, I don’t have to think anymore! hahaha

Ok, no more small talk, my boss (myself) is very angry, telling me that I have one billion things to do. And he is right.