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terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2009

DADdy & SONny - #11

Last week we had here in Brazil one huge blackout and just like in almost every occidental country some people became mad and started to act like stupid. Things were broke, people that are not thieves were stealing things just because it was easy and we also had few other stuff. It all made me think if a blackout can give authorization to people became stupid.

Another story of stupidity, which also happened here in Brazil in the last few days, was about a girl who people tried to “exorcise” just because they thought her dress was too much short to their college. I think it’s important people understand “how” and “where” they are exposing themselves, but even if she was naked, people should not act the way they did. I mean, you cannot ask for “civilized manners” if you don’t act “civilized”.

If it was one of those cartoons of the old times, the “conclusion of this episode” would be that routines exist to keep peoples sanity. If one small thing change, it can bring to the surface one face of the humankind that can bring the universe to complete chaos hahahaha

And that's all for now. Later.