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terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2009

Sand Animation + DADdy & SONny - #8

Hello you all, how is the world spinning around you in this day?

Today I’m here to perform an a little “more mundane” update. I won’t tell a story with ants, cups and confuse stuff. Actually, speaking of confuse stuff, someone said me once that I don’t realize, but every time I need to talk about something personal, I end up talking about things but never really talking about them.

Was said that I speak in the form of parables, like if I could not simply say “look, that’s what is going on”, but rather give some sort of riddle, that doesn’t say exactly what is going on. It is funny someone say I talk in the form of parables in these days, because back in my last years in school, since I had long hair, was a peacemaker person, friend of every kind of people and already defended utopian ideas that very often caused me problems, people used to nickname me Jesus. In some aspect it all makes sense and closes the cycle. Or probably not. Hahahahaha…

This edition was ready since Thursay night, but I had problems with my internet provider. Now everything is solved and I hope forever because I changed my internet provider. Smart move, hum? Life may get weird without internet.

When I posted the “Turkish Cup” story I considered post together this edition of DADdy & SONny, because I think they have some kind of connection of themes. However, thinking again I saw that since it was a short story, it deserved “the stage to its own”. I like the idea of mixing up comics with some text, but not all the time.

Before I throw my ninja bomb and disappear, there is a video bellow from YouTube that if you are one of those who follow me in Twitter may have already seen me talking about. I will not describe the video because I’m incredibly mysterious. Yeah, I’m. (hahaha)

Let it load for a while, watch the first minute, if you like just go and watch it all. My personal opinion is that this video is amazing.

And that’s all for now. Later. Puf! (that's the ninja bomb sound)