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domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

One Voice

- Do you know what I miss the most?
- What?
- The time when life was just you, me and nothing else. Now we have to work, we have to worry with a lot of things and we need to look to the future wondering in the possibilities of everything, imagining if we are living all we supposedly should live. I just wanted to shut up the voice inside of my head. Do you understand me?
- In a way that is so big and intense that say “yes” is not enough to describe how.
- What we are going to do?
- I don’t know. I know that even if we think all that much of things, we have our day together and in the end I have this feeling with you, a feeling that is so good and I can’t feel this good with anyone else. This how it is to you as well?
- I guess, but I wonder when we will start to be sure of our decisions without fear of what is going to happen or fear to be taking the wrong decisions to us. Despite our fights and differences, what we have is still so strong and especial, after all we have lived, we are still here. If we are always here again after whatever, why this voice doesn’t shut up?
- Maybe it needs to speak to we can learn the true value of us, but I think it is hard to understand it in the real world and then what should help is not helping. Like one of those things that had to make something but end up making the opposite.
- Yeah, in the end, we are here again, feeling again that special feeling, even if one day ago we were talking with that other so nice someone that should not exist in the ideal world. However, that other someone is there, with its own way that is not like you and me, but is enough to help the stupid voice to keep talking.
- Do you think we are guilty for not understand a voice that comes from ourselves or this is completely insane?
- What we don’t understand can’t make sense to us. Do you remember that we used to not have this voice?
- Yeah, but we can’t go back in time to some place where things were different and to be honest I don’t want to go back and I don’t think you would want. We learned a lot, we are different people now. All that because of this time.
- It would be nice if we could look to the future, don’t you think?
- What you mean?
- It didn’t had to be a look into a very distant future, just far enough to we know if we are going to fully understand ourselves and this voice means. It sucks to fight with you and it sucks every time it seems we are having what could be our last conversation of the last day we spent together. Do you know what I mean?
- I do.
- …
- …
- …
- …Let’s travel?
- What? Now?
- Yeah, let’s travel, let’s get a bus to the bus station, let’s go anywhere! Let’s take a vacation of the world!
- Have you just lost you mind right now? Hahahaha We can’t, we have to work, I need to delivery some things and where we would go?
- I don’t know, but I know is that doesn’t matter where we go, doesn’t matter these doubts, or fears, or whatever. If we are together, I believe we gonna be okay.
- Tha voice in my head makes me say before I say I also believe in what you just said, that I don’t know how the future is going to be, how everything will be 5 years from now, but today, yes, this is really truth. A truth that is really good to me.
- To the bus station, then?
- No, hahaha. Who knows, maybe some other day?