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sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

Inglourious Basterds + DADdy & SONny - #6

People talk a lot about the destiny, about the idea that everything is already written, about things being the way they must be and about how strange this way is. Sometimes looks like the destiny is conspiring, things happen just when we were giving up or changing or minds about whatever.

First of all, now we have a “.com” domain, another step towards the day I will rule the world, sooner I will even start to look like a professional hahaha. These days my head is really having tons of new ideas and projects. I’m also talking with a lot of people, in fact I must not forget to say thanks to Ezequiel from Dingoo BR, who helped me in the domain configurations and other stuff.

It’s funny how people don’t know how a simple thing to them can have a huge meaning to somebody else. It’s even funnier how these little things people said or do innocently, very often are the difference in the end. The future has a lot, really a lot, of potential, the world should be fearful hahaha.

"Inglourious Basterds" Review

Yesterday I went to the movies to see Quentin Tarantino most recent work, by myself, of course, because I’m a pain in the ass and nobody can stand me. I sat. I waited. The movie started. 153 minutes later I went off with the feeling we feel when we like a movie that we didn’t think we would like so much.

If you never heard about this movie, it is a story during the World War II, divided in chapters and filled up with charismatic characters played by actors that we never knew could act so well. Basically the movie follows a group of soldiers of resistance and how they are involved in a plot to kill the 4 main leaderships of the Nazis to put an end to the war. And will not say much more, because it’s good to watch a movie not knowing all of what is going to happen.

Quentin Tarantino movie style is not one that everyone loves. His takes are dense and static, giving great emphasis to what the characters are saying, to the photography, to the light, to the general visual feel of the scenes. There are also moments of dynamic camera movements embrace by incredibly well selected songs.

This style may feel a little stuck to some people. Like or hate it depends of you get interest in the characters, in their conflicts, in the things they said and to where the story is going. I think that’s why some people like some movies of Tarantino but not all of them.

If to you, a good World War II movie needs to have lots of explosions, tanks e people screaming “Thomaaaaaaaaas! Nooooooooooooo!”, I think this you will not have all that fun. And you should not expect something like “Saving Private Ryan”, this is not this kind of war movie. It’s a about the war, but it’s Tarantino. If you like this atmosphere of the Word War II and it’s conflicts and plots you will enjoy this movie. And finally, If you are a Tarantino fan just go and watch it without any fear, in my opinion this may be his best work so far.

I liked the movie and the way it was conceived, but I can’t avoid saying that if it was a series, with each chapter being a episode, much more people could like it. Or not, who knows?

And that’s all for now. Later.

- You know what, young man? No even I knew I could act so well.