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terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Geometry Wars: Galaxies + DADdy & SONny - #7

Hello again, how is everything with you?

I already told the story that this webcomics I’m publishing now were created a long time ago and now I’m getting back to them, trying to make they look more professional. In this process, sometimes I change the original idea a lot because, sometimes I simply look to what I did and I just don’t believe I could possibly think that was funny hahaha This one was very different when first conceived.

Changing the subject, a game that I have been playing a lot on the bus these days is called Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Another spaceship shooter the Nintendo DS, I really like this kind of game.

In this one, you take control of a ship that can shoot in 4 directions, up, down, left and right, depending of the button you press, or the position you touch with the stylus.

The stages are closed areas where the objective is to destroy all the shining things on the screen, prevent them to touch you because if they do you die. Making the shinning thing disappearing you earn points that are used to unlock new levels and improve the droid that helps you to destroy the evil shinning things.

The levels and the enemy designs, and also the pace of the game are what make Geometry Wars so addicting. Once you jump in and get the feel of the game you can play for hours.

In case my words were completely useless to describe the game, take a look to the video bellow.

And that’s all for now. Later.