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terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

Up in the Air + DADdy & SONny - #3

Last week, who follows me at twitter may have see, I twitted a trailer of a movie that I don’t know if is going to be good or not, but the trailer got my attention. Very well made, edited and everything. Is one of those trailers that make me scare about the movie itself be worse than its trailer. Well, if you don’t follow me at twitter (what a shame!) and didn’t see this trailer, check it out bellow.

Ignoring the “melodious children audio book voice” of George Clooney, the trailer has a strong message, don’t you think?

Everyone knows stories about people that like each other but just can’t understand each other, or people that really want to understand, but also want a billion of other things in life. There are also a big bunch of stories of people that devote themselves to a relationship to a point where they forget that before they be a couple, before they be one, they are two. People that really tries to create that swan relationship of symbiosis, that thing like “if I don’t have my especial person I will die”.

When we fall in love, in the begging of a relationship, we don’t think much about it. The way we let things happen, the commitments that we take and the things we presume about the other person, very often, because are based on this concept of “swan love” can create situations where people are not happy to be together even if they want to be together. Funny, hum?

My personal opinion (and I’m not any special shit, let’s keep it clear) is that we were born to conquer things, to meet people and to chose to keep by our side someone that is more than a friend and to make this connection happen. However, to know how to keep it through the years, keep the enthusiasm, the interest, the feeling of new, the flavor, the happiness, the taste, the feeling that we are not alone and free at the same time is really complicated. It demands maturity and, as ironic as it can sound, the ability to keep our individuality. We are not swans.

I have been think a lot about all that these days, what must be a nice kick in the balls to someone who came here trying to find what stupid funny shit I’m going to say hahaha. Well, to compensate those who came this far, there is bellow a funny Star Wars image that may have a lot to do with this post to some people.

I need to sleep now. I will be back soon.