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quinta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2009

This thing of believing + DADdy & SONny - #4

Hello everyone, how are you all in this night of cold and silence? (poetic, hum?)

Another edition, another infamous joke, another person will read, get offended and cry with the face over the pillow like “Why? Why?? Why the ugly man of the Internet keeps doing that kind of jokes?? Why???”… or probably not… What you think?

One thing I really like is to know the history of the people who get there. “There?” you ask, “there, that place where everyone who has a dream of life want to get” I answer. I’m talking about the histories of people who were no one and came from nowhere to become great, revolutionary or a reference, in the subject chosen to follow as objective in life.

Sometimes I write in here that what I want, just like anybody, is to rule the world and bla bla bla, however the truth is that what anyone wants is not to simply be the ruler of the world. What we all want, for real, is to live a life that can make us happy and fulfilled. Life has many offers and possibilities to make we think twice about every decision that we take, about everything we feel we were born to do.

When we look to the life of this “people who get there” is nice to see that even they had this doubts. There was a time in the life of that brilliant musician, or painter, or writer, or physic, or journalist, or whatever that he didn’t knew what he supposed to do. I think it is correct to say that one of the hardest things to find out in life is what we really, really, really want. Something like fall in love with something and then go and get it with all our energy. However passion is always complicated.

There are a billion things that we do that makes we feel happy, or well. Things that we like. I know at least 5 people who would love to live a life only sleeping hahaha. There is also a bunch of people that would prefer to live their lives eating. But that are “things that everyone likes”, and I’m talking about especial things, things that only you like, as an example, tell histories, draw, make calculations, or the objective to life someday in a aircraft in the sky.

Maybe I’m looking thinks with a too much personal scope when I say all that, because I’m a person who likes a lot of things, things that are not usually together like Physics, History, Programing and apples (hahaha, yeah, the fruit hahaha). However, even in all this things we feel we like, is complicated to see that magic signal of the destiny that tells us to go, and go for real. You can be good at a lot of things, but, what is your thing after all?

In all this histories I heard of these people ”who got there”, never, not even a single one, did it without doubts, without disappointment, without nights without sleep, without get in dead ends and everything. In the end, the greatest trick that all these people had is that they had all these problems, they enjoyed their moments of “buaaaa I’m a useless piece of shit in this fucking life!”, but they did keep going. They believed, they tried again. The did it. Even with uncertainties, fears e whatever.

To conclude this idea (or “idea” if you prefer), I already said to much, what I mean with all this words is that we need to believe in the things we chose to do. I mean really believe. Believe it’s going to work, is going to be alright. That old saying of “you better not have great expectations to not have great deceptions” is coward talking. Everything a lie! We were born to make things, to go and get there. To do so we need to really believe in what we are doing, believe it will work, believe people will believe us and like us.

I have been thinking too much last days, I know hahaha.

I see you all soon.