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sábado, 5 de setembro de 2009

Star Wars I + wOrlds - #5

Behind this edition
Hi there people, how is all? I have being away this week, but I was working. Yeah, believe me, I was. In fact I will update one new translation right now (as you can see heheheh) and other one tomorrow.

Last night I was trying to find something to watch in television, but since I’m a pain I the ass that complains of everything I could not find something. So, I remembered I had the DVDs of Star Wars.

I watched the documentary about the production of the movie. I really like to watch these documentaries of behind the scenes, how things are decided and build. Case you are wondering, it was the documentary for the first movie of the new trilogy.

I know there is a lot of people who doesn’t like this movie, especially fans of the old trilogy. My opinion is that the movie is fun, I don’t like Jar Jar binks, sure, no one does, the feel of the movie is different of the old trilogy, but even so, I think is fun, is good to watch and is really nice to understand how that idea came to life.

People complain too much because they always have some kind of image of what something must be. I understand that when you are working with entertainment you have to give what people want while you surprise them. But I think people need to worry less if what they are seeing is what they expected it would be and let the movie give them the feeling of surprise.

Maybe there were no ways to make this new trilogy something that the old fans would love and is very possible that it would happen because of the fans and not because of the history, the pace, the effects or even because of Jar Jar Binks. Who knows?

I don’t think the movie is the best movie ever, it sure has problems of script and rhythm, but is good and I had fun watching it while I was working. In the end that’s what a movie must be, fun. No?