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domingo, 6 de setembro de 2009

Nanostray + wOrlds - #6

Behind this edition
Hello again, how are you all?

Every big city has traffic problems, too much people, too much cars. What is funny about this edition is that something very similar to this had really happened in São Paulo (where I live) just some days ago. Sometimes live gives me the joke almost done, just like that hehehe

This week I have played a Nintendo DS flight shooter called Nanostray. It’s a very simple game, and a bit short if you don’t want to beat the game in all the difficulties, but it’s a lot a fun.

The game style is very arcade and the rhythm is really dynamic. The mechanic of a 2D shooter gameplay with 3D backgrounds and characters is not only pretty to see, but also gives a good feel of play, especially if we consider the camera movements. The models and the colors are also really pretty.

I really liked this game and I think this is one of those that anyone would enjoy to play, even if you get a bit upset because you are dying to much in the first tries.

And that is all for now. Later.

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