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domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

DADdy & SONny - #1

Is been a while I know, but fear not, here I’m again and with more translations of my webcomics from the past. This time, however, I must say, it is not only a job of translation, I’m in fact rebuilding everything, with new character design and script.

The main idea of this webcomic is to make funny situations based on questions that a child can make to his father. It’s very simple, but be careful, dear reader.

Before someone feel offended by this webcomic, let me warn you, this one is a little more, ahn… let’s say… acid webcomic. If you get easily offended, I would not recommend this webcomic to you, but even so, if you want to check it out and try until the dark day, when you will feel offended, arrive, please, read and share it with your friends hehehe…

This is the first reworking I’m doing in a past work and is being very funny to go back to that ideas and find out there were a real potential to make that something bigger. If I succeeded or not to fulfill this potential, I still don’t. Maybe, five years from now I will came back again and remake everything once more hahaha

About random stuff, I have been living some crazy days of my life and I have been watching a lot of movies. I will talk about some of them next, because I already wrote to much hehehe.

And that’s all for now. Later.