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domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

DADdy & SONny - #2 + Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Hi, how was your life since the last time?

As promised here I’m again. This another edition of the DADdy & SONny, and much like the previous it show very well why this may be one webcomic that some people may not like. I have thought about this concept of what is correct and acceptable by the well manners of honor and behavior of our society, and maybe it would be wiser to avoid this kind of humor in an attempt to… let’s say, achieve fame and fortune in a near future. But the thing is that I don’t really like this kind of behavior, because most of this acceptable ways of making humor are not true.

People tend to make things look more simple, pure and magic than they really are. This is something that is always in my head, the need that or society has to appear to be something, more than really be what it is trying to appear to be. I understand that are some kinds of humor that are based on humiliation or making fun of other peoples believes and so on, and this is not funny. But I really don’t see a problem in a child asking her father what is an orgy.

Speaking about this “set of right ways to make humor”, I watched some days ago “Beavis and Butt-head do America” a movie based on the cartoon that was aired by MTV some years ago that really not played by this set of rules. If you don’t know “Beavis and Butt-head” was a cartoon about the day by day of two stupid teenagers, in school, in their part-time job and at home watching and talking about music videos.

Mike Judge the creator of the cartoon, is more famous today by his movies, which share the same “feeling” that this cartoon already had. There is a critic to something covered with humor enough to most people don’t see the critic or the fun.

I have enjoyed the movie, but I really don’t think is a movie to everyone, however if you had the chance to watch I think you should.

Ow, and if you are a old fan of the cartoon, did you know you can watch some episodes in MTV website?

And that’s all for now. I will be back tomorrow.