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sábado, 4 de julho de 2009

The Man Who Saves the World

I heard many times people saying that back in time in Turkey they used to do national versions of movies and even music bands that where success in the whole world and wasn’t launched in the country. I searched a few times, but I never fond if that was really true or if I was simply fooled by some liars. Someday, however, by ironic and unexpected means, came to me the video bellow.

I wanted to know more about this video. What was that movie, who did that, why did that, the one who did that had hit his head hard when young, or had a alien experience, I don’t know, all that. During my hunt for the sacred information in the internet I faced the following fact that changed my life (O RLY? Yes, RLY), the original name of this movie is “Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam”, but it was also named “The man who saves the world” and also *attention please!* “Turkish Star Wars”. Aha! Look that! Those people that told all that things about the Turkish movies of the old times weren’t only trying to show off how incredibly amazing they were and knew about word wide movies, no, they were saying the truth! The truth! And it is really rare these days!

Some time in Google gave me a bunch of information that I couldn’t find the first time I tried to search about these movies, maybe this time I was able to find because today I’m less stupid than I used to be, or maybe the information about these movies wasn’t there yet, who knows?. Whatever is the case, that’s how I ended up watching this movie in company of my respective girl (she was the one who sent me that video with that crazy man kicking explosive stones, which so much touched my soul).

Review in a few words
If you watched Star Wars and believe you have a peculiar sense of humor, one of those who knows who is the keyboard cat, the dramatic prairie dog, the don piano cat,the Chinese singers of the mountain, and the dancing superman you gonna have a lot fun. A lot. Actually I recommend, if you will really watch the movie, go watch it right away, don’t search about it too much, especially in YouTube, this way you will be able to “enjoy much more” of this package and get really surprise with the ending, and what ending! I believe this is a better social and cultural experience if you watch with some crazy friends that have the same sense of humor that you have, but if you don’t know anyone who has (what is normal these days) go by yourself, you gonna laugh your ass off anyway. In case if crosses anyone’s mind, this is not a movie that win prizes for best director, best script, best acting and so on, unless all these prizes have some kind of ironic connotation. You should have it in mind, while making the intercultural experiment. And don’t feel bad about laugh about this movie, thinking that you are maybe disrespecting someone else culture, today even people from Turkey laugh of that.

Now that all that is said, if you don’t feel like, you don’t need to read the rest of this post. Really, I don’t mind, go straight to the end where I explain how you can watch this movie. However, if you want to know more about how this movie was born, keep reading.

Back in 1977, when the first Star Wars was launched and a generation of nerds was getting happy with their lightsabers and X-wings (yeah, if you know what is a X-Wing you are a nerd, sorry), in Turkey things were complicated with some political problems that ended up in a military coup in 1980. So at that time it wasn’t easy to buy Hollywood movies and launch them in Turkey. Even so, the Turkish moviemakers knew about the success Star Wars was getting around the world, in fact they had a especial attention with the movie because some scenes were shot in Turkey (Luke’s home is in Cappadocia, did you know?) and they thought they had a great opportunity to make a national version of the movie, using whatever they wanted of the original history.

Star Wars wasn’t launched in Turkey, so it had no copy rights there, which means they really could use all the scenes they wanted to use. Actually they also used footage of other movies and sound track that wasn’t launched there as well. So don't think you are getting crazy if you recognize some Indiana Jones music there.

A man, his luxury eyes and his incredible fists (Cüneyt Arkin)

The final result is their version of the history that can really say something about that period of time the country was living. They changed the original message to something nationalist, showing off the Turkish man as the most strong, most honorable, most charming and, of course, best dressed in the universe. There is also the image of the woman of that time, which is something like “I’m ready to be seduced by your eyes and I’m a worthless piece of meat, with no true feelings and intelligence, use me and them go back to your planet”. It is very interesting to notice how it ended being something funny not only to us, but also to Turkish people of today, like I already said, however back in 1982 when the movie was released, it was a serious movie, a epic adventure, not a comedy.

My favorite thing about their version was the idea that they had about what a lightsaber was and how they made their version. If you watch the movie, wait for the especial sword they will find with a golden brain (Yeah, don’t ask, ok?). While watching the movie you can also try to find their Darth Vader, it’s great.

If you get curious about the other movies they had made their versions, there is a lot. There is even an ET version.

And how can you watch the movie?
Piracy is a crime, however this movie is not licensed and actually if some day it happens it will be me who is going to do it, so everything is ok (:D). Click here and you can watch the entire movie, with English subs, if you prefer you can download the movie in the same link using Real Player 11 and later use Google to get the subs. Any doubts e-mail me.

Before I go, this movie has a sequel launched in 2006, however I could not watch it yet. But let’s give it some time. Enjoy the movie. *go away jumping with stones tied to the ankles.