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sábado, 13 de junho de 2009

Terminator Salvation

James Cameron, the creator of the series, probably scratched his beard and said “ah… it was ok… was nice, yeah” when Terminator Salvation ended. At least that was what I said.

If you are lost, what I don’t think you are since the movie is already out for a while, this is the “sequel” to the movie series Terminator which started at that time when people were not afraid of use a hair that looked like a dead poodle. The series is about super smart machines realizing that humans are a bunch of crap, a menace to them and to the world, so they decide to get rid of us to achieve a better and beautiful world. In this apocalyptic future the last human survivors have a savior and in the first three movies the smart machines had sent back time terminators to stop this savior to born, to grow up and mess up with their plans to create a world without any crap humans. The tune of this three movies is of a escape, a fight against a stronger enemy and philosophy about the inevitability of the of the fate, if is possible to change the future, to stop machines to kill almost all the humans and avoid this apocalyptical future. If you like movies and never watched this movies you really should do it. You will be happy.

This new movie is different, is in the apocalyptical future, is not a movie about escape, is a movie where the bad things happened, were it wasn’t possible to change the fate and in this time we will see the rise and fight of the savior John Connor against the machines. This is an action movie with great budget. It has especial effects, famous faces, explosions and a epic atmosphere, but (just like the third movie) no James Cameron to direct and write the script and this is not a movie that tries to create something new to the genre it chose to be. Do not expect a Terminator 2, but expect to have fun.

I think it is somewhat a disappointment, a disappointment we have very time we can see a good core idea, good enough to sustain the movie as something really big, but the execution is not able to… ahn… “extract all the juice of the grapes”. There are problems of bad acting from people that really should not act bad *cof*batman*cof*, problems of conduction of the history and especially with immersion into this world and this characters lives, even with a world very well build with great scenarios, clothing and etc.

Anton Yelchin (best acting of the movie), Christian Bale (best hoarse voice of the movie) and Sam Worthington (best "too bad, Christian Bale, I have more charisma than you have" of the movie)

Despite of that, the movie is fun and in the end that’s the most important thing, so I will not be mean and terrible like many people was with this movie, complaining that it wasn’t good because it wasn’t like the other movies and it had not that touch of “step forward”, of “new cinema” of “something I never saw”. This kind of thing needs more than just a good idea to work, but don’t be sad, dezember this year James Cameron will bring us his Avatar which maybe 20 years from now will receive a sequel of generic action, made by a good but no revolutionary director just like McG, that will be fun even if it will not remain in our memories and pull forward what it tries to do.