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sábado, 23 de maio de 2009

Platonic Love?

If you never had one, certainly you already met someone who had. Or maybe not, I don’t know, this thing of guessing what people have experienced in life is complex. Let’s just say then that the expression “platonic love” is something like a love that’s is somewhat impossible or when only one of the two (yes, love is game you play with two players) knows what are the feeling involved. As an example, someone who falls in love with someone else and let the years pass by only imagining how things would be if they were together. The big thing, however, is, what Plato has to do with that?

We don’t need to use again our powers of guessing what people experience in their lives to find out it has something to do with what that crazy Greek once said. And what he said? He said a lot things, but one the things was the “the world of the ideas”.

Mr. P, believed that there are two worlds. One is the world of the sensations, the feel, the touch and that’s our world where we fool around, eat pizza and upload weird photos in Facebook and Myspace. The other world is this “world of the ideas” which we can only visit with our minds. He believed that everything we have in the sensitive world is a crappy copy of what exist and it’s perfect in the world of the ideas.

To put it simple, it means that anything you do, doesn’t matter how good it is, it will always be just a tentative of copy of something that exist only in your head, in the world of the ideas. Do you remember that nice draw you did? In your head wasn’t it better? Or that cake you cooked, or that music, or that change of hair, or that travel, or whatever? He also said it works also to a stone on the floor and to the moon in the sky. The moon you imagine is different than the moon of the sensitive world is, you can be sure of that.

Ok, great, we are all so happy to know we are crappy copiers, but what it has to do with the “platonic love”? Well, a platonic love is a love that is only restricted to the world of the ideas, a love that will never happen in the sensitive world. The image bellow shows that.

- Oh, Jeremy, I’m a fluffy toy and you are an embroidered draw! We will never be
together! Never! Even if my love for you is bigger than all the loves of the universe together!

One very weird thing that Plato said about this world of the ideas was that Math could be the connection between that worlds and the sensitive world. Through Math we can give a better representation to our ideas using concepts of proportion and symmetry, as an example, imagine build bridges, houses or even clothes, without using math and just the image of your head? An there is more, something more mystical, let’s say:

8 divided by 2 = 4, so, 4 times 2 = 8. Right? Ok, great, now look the next:

10 divided by 3 = 3.333… the result is not exactly a result, but it gets worse if we try to make the way back, 3 times 3.333… = 9,999… (?!)

What happened with our 10? How it was unmade? Where did it go? Plato said it is one of the limitations of the Math of our world. Others examples would be the square root of 2, or the number Pi, it’s impossible to calculate their exact values, Engineers, Physics, Metrologists and other crazy people, they only use approximations when they need to use this numbers.

So, next time you have an idea and the execution end up not so good, don’t be mad. In the world of the ideas everything is better and perfect, and I’m not trying to guess what people experience in life again, that was Plato who said it.