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domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

F*ck, tomorrow is Monday!

Almost anybody likes Mondays. At least anybody that works, that study, that makes something in life, usually look the last hours of Sunday passing by with a bit of “tremble” in the corner of the smile. Why?

It’s simple, we are a bunch of lazy folks and the only thing we ever want is to lay back beneath some trees, with yellow leaves falling above us while we tell histories and listen to music. The laziness and the wish of make nothing, “that’s the origin of what you feel, baby”… Or maybe not?

Would it really be so good if we could just be like that forever? Everyone want to do something, or see, or accomplish or build something. Relax and do nothing is good, but this is not what will… ahn… “fulfills our heart”.

Almost everyone is lazy and unhappy because we accept stupid routines that somehow we believe we should accept. If you liked your school, or your work, or whatever you do, Mondays would be good, they would mean it’s time to go back to do what fulfills you, to go back to that thing that you really want to do in your life. We like weekends because that’s when we are free to do what we want, even if what we want to do is nothing.

Every day of the week will be boring and part of a countdown to the next weekend or holiday, as long as we are unfair to ourselves. You know you are good at something, you know what you like or in what you would like to be good. Sometimes we have to take decisions because of financial, family related or other problems. Things are not so simple bla bla bla whatever. But even so, I believe every regular mammal, lazy or not, must achieve a happy existence as soon as possible.

A crazy German dude with a nice mustache said once that what restricts us the most in life are our own convictions. If something is bad, change it. Simple as this. We should review what we think can’t be done, maybe we can, don’t blame anyone, not even we, blame is not very useful. Just make it happen. Tomorrow is Monday, so have a laugh with this great trailer of this even grater movie that I never saw, but is probably amazing.