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segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Emperor Blue Bear

We don’t live forever and I don’t know if it is good or bad. Our life span is very short compared with the life span of our planet. We, you and me, don’t make the History of the humankind entirely. We live its result and, in theory, we contribute with a small piece to that History that is written every day. We couldn’t see all the historical facts, but we learn in school how people came from the caves to the Internet. Or at least we think we learn. Provocative beginning, hum?

Paper is maybe the nicer and talker guy in the world. You can write anything you want, paper doesn’t care, accepts everything and keeps the information just like you gave. Paper doesn’t give opinion and don’t try to add his point of view. Oh no, he doesn’t. So if we want we could easily write about facts giving it a lot of details to make it look like a real thing and not a crazy tale of our heads. If many years later someone find our writings, maybe this someone wouldn’t be able to know for sure if that is about something that really happened or if it is just a fictional history.

If in a distant future a civilization from the space arrives in our planet, a civilization that magically can speak English, and the only book left is a Lord of the Rings complete edition book, Mr Alien wouldn’t be able to know if that is just a history or if it really happened in our world some day.
- You shall not pass!

Most of the historical facts that supposedly have writing evidence came to us like this. The author died a long time ago, we can’t know if what he wrote was just a tale, a true fact, a mix of both or maybe even something else. The intentions of the authors are lost trough time.

We know that all the History is important, because the “human mammal thinking creature” needs a motive, a cause, an understanding of its role in the universe. We need to know who we are and from where we came. This knowledge inflicts in what someone will believe, make and think about him and others.

So, if a group of individuals wanted, they could create a historical past, one that could make a population act and believe in things that someone may want them to believe? Yes, it could be done.

The History is told or read, is not lived, as we already said. We learn through papers, books and documents. We already know as well that paper accepts anything, so if we want we could say that… ahn... Napoleon used to go to war dressed like a blue bear? Yes, we could. We could even create some “historical paintings” of artists of his time, portraying this extreme male piece of clothing, since nobody that lived at that time is alive today to refuse this fact or the origin of the painting. It could also be some kind of “secret painting” lost in time, kept hidden or whatever we want. Actually, if we wanted, would be possible to create an artist, a painter, a bunch of them, an entire artistic movement. We could create episodes, people that were born and died, everything else we would want, if all the information, all the source of knowledge and research was controlled by us.

Which of the two paintings is real? Is there a real one?

If we also had the power to control what is printed in paper in order to make some false evidences or to announce incredible discoveries that would be completely false, what would stop us?

The History is written and told by the winners. The side that won the war, that made de revolution, that toke the power from the hands of the previously owner. Those are the ones that will publish the books, that will create a new reality if they want, a new past, a new origin to a new people that will be completely ready to follow it’s “traditions”.

The fact is that we can’t really believe with absolutely sure that some Julius Caesar really existed, even if there are ruins in Rome. Actually we can’t even believe in these ruins, they could be build by someone. We can’t be sure about the history of the origin of the mankind, after all we didn’t find the primitive skeleton, we didn’t make the test to find it’s age, we just heard about it all, we have just read this history, the results of studies, in a piece of paper, in a news flash on TV. It could all be true or could be something completely different.

When we study History the best way to know the truth is talk to someone that was there, that witnessed the fact. We end up believing much more in what a book, or movie, or whatever, says, because is already there, forcing us to swallow and accept it right away. We don’t think about the evolution of the human society to only then consider if what a book, or movie, or whatever, says, is true, but we really should.

The study of History, even in this Internet times, is a logic process, strategic, highly influenced by the culture, intention or nature of who is studying and later telling to the world his conclusions. Things could really be just the way we heard they were, but there is nothing that can make us sure that they weren’t.

We have a painting of the past, not a photograph. That’s what should be the fundamental basis of a History study.