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quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

The day the time stopped

The news papers said that the time was going to stop. The scientists analyzed the cosmos to find out that they didn’t know anything and, in fact, they had spent much time thinking they were discovering the laws that govern our existence, but they were just satisfying their vanity. A message from the sky said that the time was going to stop in 18 hours, 25 minutes e 13 seconds. To many people that was the end of the world.

Everyone believed in the message, because it is a history, so we can say that happened whatever we want. The fact is that to receive a message from the skies made the people less worried with this event than they were with the message it held. How the Pope would explain this? How Buda would explain this? How Allah would explain this? How CNN would explain this?

Marie Antoinette was very upset, walking naked trough her house screaming and yelling that she didn’t wanted the end of the world, she wanted someone to do her before she dies, but not anyone, she wanted her charming prince, which she no longer would have the chance to meet.

Ms Cullen was wondering if the television would came up with a solution to tell to everyone how the soap operas that she loved so much would end, since now she would no longer know how that adorable histories, of adorable characters would adorably end. She, a person from the old times, from that times when people used to have attitude, wrote a letter to the television network and posted it in the post office. Poor dear, she couldn’t know that the letter would not get to their hands before the time stop. If she had changed her mind in time to learn that computers, internet and e-mails were not something created to makes us stupid, who knows how different her end would be.

Mr. Peter decided that was the time to change, to get straight in life. He was going to stop drinking, smoking cigarettes, sniffing cocaine, inject heroine, see pornography with children, smoking marijuana and be a priest in the church of his city.

Marc decided that was the time to tell the truth to his father about his history with friend Tobias. Of course it was not a secret, everyone already knew, everyone always know, especially parents, but to go and say the truth would be a big challenge. That was the right thing to do. The truth, even when everyone already knows, is complicated to be said freely.

Many people thought that was the last chance to make the right thing. Millions of apologies and forgiving, millions of moments of reconciliation and a great number of boyfriends and girlfriends who had given “a time to each other” finally have decided if they wanted to stay together to the end of the world or not.

There was also a lot of regret. Moridisneldson, as an example, would no longer legally change his name.

The twins Mabele and Mirele would no longer premiere their show. The world would need to wait another cosmic opportunity to meet the incredible ballet of moving dolls in the water.

Many and many people lost their minds in despair because they could no longer do what they have never done, all that they always wanted to do, or that they always knew they should have done and didn’t. The vision of the end so near compelled them to break trough of an ignoble and useless state of living. This particularly way of living we live today.

But, the thing is that we should feel sorry for all of them, because they couldn’t imagine that the message were false. That was work of a mad and careless person, one of those depressives with a pen, notebook or some soft keyboard that maybe in his free time liked to cook and make psychological terrorism with great populations.

The message was false because in the end it was just a history and they weren’t real people, they were only characters, they didn’t had real problems. In fact their existence was none.

Even as a history, he knew his act would bring consequences. Maybe not the terrible consequences that it would bring if was real. The truth is that everything is a lie and the mad writer knew that in the end, even if it didn’t work the way he planned, it was very much possible that he had found a bright solution. His act, maybe, was the only way to make a revolution in these days. Humans tend to see new things only when facing lost and end. And is important to understand that they are not the same.