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sábado, 21 de março de 2009

About the source of the facts

A long time ago, news used to come trough people that witnessed the facts and then where able to tell someone about it. This someone would tell somebody else, and then to another, until person by person the fact became news. Later there was the news paper, then the radio, then the cinema (yes, there was a time when the news was shown in theaters), then the television and finally the Internet. With the Internet when we heard about some piece of news we don’t have to accept it just the way it shows itself to us, we can go trough and find many versions of the same story, of the same fact, and sometimes we can go directly to the source of the fact.

If somebody says that someone said something in one interview to a journal, you can go there, at the website of the journal and read the interview yourself and then you can see the context or intention that something was said. With the internet we are free to know about things in a much more complete way. As a example, the picture below showed up in a lot places some time ago, it won the World Press Photo 2007 competition.

It’s really a very interesting shot, not only because of the colours composition, but also because of the soldier expression, the desolated environment and everything else. I believe what defines a good picture (or a painting) is when it happens to attract your attention in a way you just keep looking at it for a while without notice.

With the Internet, if you feel like, you can go to the contest website and take a look at all the wining photographs in all the categories, you can know about the author of the pictures, where and how it was took, and many more. This possibility can give you a more complete view of what is this competition, what are this pictures and what they stand for. Actually, if you just feel this curiosity click here and spend some time in their website, most pictures are really good and you can see the wining pictures of previously years, some of those I’m sure you already know.

But, keeping up with our idea (hehehe), we could say that the Internet can really end up discussions like “This is truth because I saw it on television”. If the television show says that some “nobody knows who” from some “nobody knows place” find out after very work full research that if you use slippers in your hands you eyes will became green, you don’t have to be glad with the 30 seconds that the story lasts. You go to the web, you can just go and read the scientific article that this “nobody knows who” people wrote, which generated the news from tv.

Something funny about it is to notice that in the attempt to simplify things, or make some information more, let’s say, “delicious”, the truth is many times is corrupted, and that’s something very bad. I believe that’s the difference between people who listen, then think, then analyse, it all to see if something is possible to only then choose if that information is valid and worth attention or not, from some other people that just heard about, record it all, and just appear to know. It’s impossible to be a specialist in everything, but knowing the source of the facts avoids believe in things that are not what they can appear to be. The truth. Just that.