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sexta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2009

SPAM or Spiced Ham?

Ever since I remember, my e-mail box was always full of useless weird messages that arrived without my invitation. Useless weird messages in very different flavours, in fact. Today the art of spam (yeah, it’s art) became very sophisticated, using brands, designs, and even the name of government institutions to make the “idiot of the day” some common person who did nothing but open his e-mail box.


The name SPAM as born because of a sketch from the British comedy group Monty Python. The word “SPAM” is an abbreviation of “SPiced hAM”, the sketch was in a restaurant and this spiced ham was in everything in the menu, and that was the joke.

Ok, you may say, “this British people are crazy, where the fun in it? Where is the fun?!?!”, if that is the case, relax. I will explain. The span during the World War II and the years of reconstruction after that was the one of the few meats that their government didn’t rationed. So, during many years the spam was the only option of meat that many people had, that’s why they came up with that joke. Because spam is every food in the sketch and it was something unwanted, when the un wanted mails started to sprout out of control they made up the analogy, and that’s how the spam became spam. Touching, isn’t it?
If want you can see the sketch in youtube, right here-> [go!].

I believe there are 2 types of spam. The first one is that crazy one that simply shoot in every direction and end up sending to a woman messages like “enlarge your penis”. The second one is that one that collects some information of you and send messages based on that.

The first one is the worse, because you not only have to look through some absolutely crazy messages like “Get a girl using pheromones” or “Congratulations you just won a lot money from the Himalaya Bank, send me your credit card number!”, in this group we also have things like “Last warning: bla bla bla the apocalypse in your life bla bla bla bla if you don’t click here” and then there a link to download a file named like “solution.exe”, yes a install file to Windows, a virus in this case. Nice on!

It’s very peculiar the courage and lack of respect this people who send that kind of e-mail have. I mean, they copy the layout of existing companies, or government institutions or even make some “I’m you friend that you are not remembering who, attached are the compromising pictures of that crazy party that bla bla bla” mail. The attached file is called “Photos.exe”. Yeah!

But the funniest thing of all is notice that if this kind of stupid e-mail is still coming every day, it probably works with a lot people. So there is somewhere in the might world a lot people giving their credit card numbers, installing virus and buying methods to enlarge their penis through this messages!

Anyway, forgetting weird marketing solutions, use your intelligence and your creativity to trick other people can be fun, but most of the time is wrong. Be smart and suspicious and you (your computer and bank account) will survive in today’s jungle, you don’t need all that strength.

- Hum...